10-Day "Whales of the Silver Bank" Expedition

These 10-Day Whales of the Silver Bank Expeditions are designed for anyone who yearns for increased opportunities to interact with humpback whales, over a longer time frame, with fewer operators sharing the area.

The customary itinerary is 7 days in duration with 5 days on the Silver Bank and 4 1/2 days of tender time. Our specialty expeditions are 10 days in duration with 9 days on the Silver Bank and 8 1/2 days of tender time. To experience this amount of time on the Silver Bank you would normally need to participate in 2 expeditions, totaling 14 nights, 10 days on the Silver Bank and 9 days of tender time.

By joining a 10-Day "Whales of the Silver Bank" Expedition, you will lose only 1/2 day of tender time and save 4 days of travel time compared to 2 weekly expeditions. A real bonus to all this is that operators arrive on Sunday afternoon and depart no later then Friday morning. During your 10-day expedition there will be fewer operators over a 2 1/2 day period, allowing us more opportunities for sensational surface activity and up close and personal soft-in-water encounters

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