Whales Of The Silver Bank

Airline Resources


Aquatic Adventures provides these airline resources to help you reserve your airline reservation for your expedition. When planning your Whales of the Silver Bank expedition, please keep in mind that Puerto Plata is 40 minutes from Ocean World Marina and Santiago is 1 hour and 20 minutes. We suggest checking all airports and itineraries offered by your airline of choice since arrival times, departure times and pricing might vary widely.

H20 Tours in Ft. Lauderdale, FL can assist you in planning your flights. Please contact Larry Friedman at 1-954-341-3794. A $25.00 booking fee will be charged for his assistance.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding airline reservations, arrival and departure times, etc.


Preferred Service

Aquatic Adventures Travel - Puerto Plata/Santiago


American Airlines - Puerto Plata (POP) or Santiago (STI)

Continental Airlines - Puerto Plata (POP) or Santiago (STI)

Delta Airlines - Santiago (STI)

Jet Blue Airways - Santiago (STI)

Travel Services

Expedia Travel -Puerto Plata (POP) or Santiago (STI)

Orbitz -Puerto Plata (POP) or Santiago (STI)

Priceline - Puerto Plata (POP) or Santiago (STI)

Travelocity - Puerto Plata (POP) or Santiago (STI)

From Our Clients

Aquatic Adventures crew did a remarkable job in every aspect of this trip. Words aren’t able to describe just how amazing this trip was.

-- Jocelyn and Neil