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Whales of the Silver Bank - The Directory

humpback whalesAn Introduction
Thank you for your interest in a "Whales of the Silver Bank Expedition". I'm sure that you will find that this will be one of your most...

humpback whalesThe Humpback Whale
Cetaceans are divided into two suborders: the Mysticeti, the baleen whales; and the Odonto- ceti, the toothed whales, dolphins and...

humpback whalesSanctuary Information
Since 1962 the Dominican Republic has been a forerunner in the Caribbean basin for establish-ing and providing marine oriented protection...

See the type of behaviors you'll witness on the Silver Bank and learn about while attending nightly slide show and video presentations.

humpback whalesYour Destination
The Silver Bank is located 100 km north of the Dominican Republic and approximately the same distance from the Turks and Caicos Islands and...

humpback whalesAccommodations
The “M/V Turks & Caicos Explorer II is an 124 ft. vessel with a 22 ft. beam that sleeps 20 passengers. This is the nicest platform for whale...

humpback whalesSoft-in-Water Encounter
A soft-in-water encounter is not scuba diving, nor is it aggressive swimming or free diving. It is passive, non-aggressive floating at the surface...

humpback whalesYour Cetacean Specialists
The Aquatic Adventures Team collectively has 426 weeks of know-how in approaching, working and interacting with...

humpback whalesPhoto Gallery
Explore the numerous images depicting the surface and underwater behaviors witnessed during a Whales of the Silver Bank Expedition.

humpback whalesMovie Gallery
Experience a real sense of what to expect during your "soft in water" encounters as you interact with these magnificent gentle giants.

humpback whalesAudio Bank
One of the most outstanding characteristics of the humpback whale is its ability to vocalize in song. All humpbacks can vocalize, females warn off...

humpback whalesAdditional Information
Download and print PDF files of all forms and information needed for your expedition. More Information, Trip Preparation, Application...

humpback whalesRates/Reservations
Review all pricing, fees, payment schedules, what's included, what's not included, deposit, refund and cancellation policies.

Check the departure dates and availability of all Whales of the Silver Bank expeditions for the 2014 and 2015 mating and calving seasons.


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