Whales of the Silver Bank - Breaching

When a whale rises through the surface of the water, it is known as breacihng. There are four types of breaches you will witness on your Whales of the Silver Bank Expedition: spinning head breaches, chin breaches, tail breaches and lunge breaches. Breaching may be a form of solicitation, a warning device, a way of removing parasites, or just a way of having fun. In any case, it is certainly impressive to witness.


spinning head breachSpinning Head Breach
The whale comes out of the water, head first, twists it’s body left or right, arches it’s back, and lands on it’s side or back.

chin breachChin Breach
The whale comes out of the water, lunges forward and up while stretching out and moving straight ahead; it returns to the water chin oriented downwards.

dorsal finTail Breach
The whale raises the majority of it’s body out of the water tail first, and then twists it’s body as it returns to the sea.

humpback whalesLunge Breach
The whale comes charging out of the water at about a twenty-three degree angle, typically very fast and with considerable forward momentum. Common during rowdy groups.


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