COVID-19 Booking Assurance 

We realize everyone is concerned about when worldwide travel will return to normal, so we want to provide some assurance that you can purchase your “Whales of the Silver Bank” trip with confidence knowing that you will have some options if conditions cause the cancellation of your trip. From your initial reservation through to your eventual departure after the trip, we’ll be here and ready to make the entire process an enjoyable memory.  We’re proud of our 31 year history in introducing our guests to the whales of the Silver Bank; we and our chartered boat owner are entering 2022 in a strong position and look forward to many more years of operation.

We’d like to assure all of our guests that, if we must cancel any scheduled trip due to COVID-19 related reasons, we will provide you with a 100% credit of the room rate paid (fees excluded) in order to reschedule your trip aboard another departure within the next 24 months. Also, if any of the following conditions apply within 2 weeks of departure and you are not able to join your scheduled trip, we will provide you with a 100% credit of the room rate paid (fees excluded) in order to reschedule your trip aboard another departure within the next 24 months:

1. A flight ban or travel ban preventing travel from your country of origin to the Dominican Republic

2. “Shelter in place” notice or mandatory government quarantine order, either at your location or ours

3. A positive COVID-19 test result for yourself or someone in your household within 14 days of your scheduled departure or medically documented ongoing COVID-related symptoms during the same timeframe

4. If a negative COVID-19 test is required: you’ve had the test performed/submitted within the first 24 hours of the required testing period, but results have not been returned in time for departure or pre-clearance submission

5. You are a front-line (ER/ICU/COVID Unit) health care professional and your vacation time is revoked due to COVID-related hospital leave policies

6. If Covid-19 vaccinations are required: Vaccinations are not yet available to you in your country of origin or residence; Or your travel date is within 60 days of the announcement of the vaccination requirement and you have started, but not completed the required vaccination series in time for your scheduled departure; Or your physician-signed medical vaccination exemption is rejected by the authorities enforcing the requirement.

Please contact us for specific rebooking options and documentation requirements.

If you would like your other costs – air ticket costs or price changes, change fees, hotel costs etc. – to be covered, we highly recommend that you research your travel insurance purchase thoroughly to be sure that they are covered for COVID related conditions.

Please note that travelers are responsible for all potential medical, quarantine and evacuation expenses due to illness, injury or cancellation caused by COVID-19. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance that includes coverage for these expenses. This Dec. 2021 article has helpful recommendations for insurance that may meet your needs:

The following links are to a few companies providing insurance coverage:

Aquatic Adventures does not sell or endorse any of the above services or representation of services.

Please note that this offer is not transferable to any other party and cannot be combined with any other offers.  If you are unwilling to travel due to fear of the outbreak, we understand and sympathize, but normal cancellation terms and conditions would apply.

We’re looking forward to you meeting the whales with us soon! 

From Our Clients

This was an extraordinary experience! It was truly an “Aquatic Adventure” many many thanks for the opportunity!

-- Judith W. Mead