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humpback whalesOne of the most outstanding characteristics of the humpback whale is its ability to vocalize in song. All humpbacks can vocalize. Females warn off or solicit new escorts, calves communicate with their mothers, but it is the male who produces a song as a solicitation to entrance the females into courtship. This bird like song structure ranges from the upper end to the near bottom of human hearing, organized, complex and wild. The sounds that they produce range from growls to chirps, moans and high, wistful, pure tones with an endless cycle of hours or even days. The waters of the Silver Bank are harmoniously alive with the songs of the humpback whale during the mating and calving season.

audioSong of the Silver Bank
Click on the headphones to hear 3 minutes of the 2005 version of the Song of the Silver Bank.


quicktime moviesThe audio provded will need to use a free Apple product - QuickTime Player - to be able to hear this short segment of the Song of the Silver Bank. Click on your operating system icon below, and follow directions to download or upgrade QuickTime Player to your hard drive.

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CD's and DVD's are available with the entire 2005 singing cycle (25 to 30 minutes) at the Adventure Gift Shop.


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