Whales of the Silver Bank - Jim Kelnhofer

humpback whalesFrom the cool waters of Southeast Alaska, to the tropics of Papua New Guinea and to the remote islands of the Sey-chelles, I've traveled to document the wonders of the aquatic world. Whether it's a large and majestic humpback whale or a shy and elusive pigmy seahorse, I strive to record images that elicit a sense of wonderment about our planet and the life contained within its oceans. To image the true nature of marine life is my goal.  Since 2003, I've filmed North Atlantic Humpback whales at the Silver Bank becoming familiar with their behaviors and learning to document those behaviors on their terms in their environment.  I continue this commitment to cetacean photography by joining Aquatic Adventures to further document these majestic marine mammals providing our clients with unprecedented images, both artistically and technically.


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