Whales of the Silver Bank - Holly Berkower

humpback whalesIn 2002, I began my journey with Aquatic Adventures and each day I learn something new, whether it is related to the running of Aquatic Adventures, about the computer or about myself. I enjoy hearing guests relate their Whales of The Silver Bank experiences and that first moment when they saw a humpback whale, eye to eye. I know that exuberance they are feeling because I have felt it myself. It is an experience I know they will never forget. It is fulfilling to know that I help make it possible for others to enjoy this unbelievable event. I may never meet the majority of passengers but I feel as though we have a connection through our many phone conversations and emails. In the 2009 Silver Bank season, my children had the awesome opportunity to share this experience as well. They loved it from beginning to end and you will, too. We hope to see you out there soon!


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