Whales of the Silver Bank - Hoi Leung

humpback whalesAs a professional adventurer, Iíve traveled to many far away places and experienced many exciting things. But, I always find myself drawn back to the Silver Bank every year.

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Toronto and I consider myself a citizen of the world. After earning a Bachelorís Degree in Physics, I went in search of fame and fortune as a scuba instructor. Having found only fame on cruise ships and resorts in the Caribbean, I became a commercial diver. As a hard hat diver, I found myself working on oil rigs in the Beaufort Sea to inspecting bridges in Arkansas and all points in between. After a particularly tough winter, I returned to recreational diving on liveaboards in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. My captainís license is now allowing me to expand my horizons and continue my adventures.

Presently, I am pursuing my passions as a competitive Powerlifter and Freediver. I gladly take time off every year from getting stronger and going deeper to join Aquatic Adventures at the Silver Bank, Galapagos or any other specialty expedition they offer.


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