Whales of the Silver Bank - Brandt Brown

humpback whalesBrandt grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As a child, hed regularly spot whales passing through Puget Sound, and this experience instilled an early love for cetaceans and the sea. Since then, Brandt has had extensive opportunity to travel, live and work abroad, in places as diverse as Turkey and Thailand. He has rarely ventured far from the aquatic realm though; much of his time has been spent underwater as a PADI SCUBA Instructor. In addition to his substantial experience working on liveaboard dive boats, Brandt has 5 seasons of experience on the Silver Bank. Brandt has fantastic intuition for whale behavior and a natural talent for conveying information. He also has a great deal of enthusiasm to complement his skills on the water. When not on the Silver Bank, Brandt continues to explore the Pacific Northwest, the USA, and the world.


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